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1. I can now show you how to train for your maximum, but at the expense of being a less effective bodybuilder. The reason for this is that most of the people who want to get bigger are training with dumbbells, barbells and a variety of other machines. These machines tend to have weak points that can make you hurt yourself if you don't use enough muscle. To help train your whole body, you should focus on what exercises are most effective in your specific training needs. This is very helpful for anyone who wants to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving a very muscular physique. A common mistake I see people make is to train for their max on a machine instead of focusing on strengthening your entire body. The problem is that you will never achieve maximum strength if you train just for a single muscle group. Your body will eventually get so strong that you will only be able to lift 10-15lbs on the dumbbells. Once you reach that, you'll be able to use more weight, which will improve your workout but you'll have less strength and muscle to build on.

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